Thursday, January 13, 2022

Sunrise Over the Geyser Creek Island Spouter | 01.12.2022

Sunrise over the Geyser Creek Island Spouter | 01.12.2022

Many refer to this naturally spouting spring as a geyser, however, a geyser only occurs when heat is involved. Geysers are propelled out of the earth by pressurized steam. Saratoga’s spouters, whose temperatures range between 48 and 56 degrees Fahrenheit, are pushed to the earth’s surface by pressurized carbonic gas.

The island is made from colorful tufa rock and larger over time as minerals from the spring water are deposited. The minerals in the tufa will cover leaves, rocks, and anything else that falls into the spring. Different minerals give the tufa its many colors. The reds and oranges common in the park’s formations come from iron.

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