Friday, February 26, 2010

Remixed Photos by Joe Iurato

Stencil artist Joe Iurato has remixed a few of my images into paintings. You can see more of Joe's work at his website: You can visit Joe's Facebook fan page here. These images, along with Joe's other works, are currently on display at G40: The Summit from March 1st-30th, 2010 in Arlington, Virgina. More information about G40 at:

Artist Description by Joe Iurato: Why :01? A single second is the most powerful measurement of time. It can symbolize the last fleeting moment before an end, or the clear mark of a new beginning. It might stand for both, as a once dire situation finds its way to fate and a chance to start over. It’s then that :01 becomes the most significant moment in a person’s life. It’s the blessing born of hardship. Honesty, destiny and happiness sometimes find their way easiest after dirt is kicked in our faces. This work is my :01.
  • [Above] Playdium Painting by Joe Iurato based off of my photograph of the Playdium in Albany, New York.

  • [Below] Figure in Alley by Joe Iurato based off of my photograph of a downtown Troy, New York alleyway on New Year's Day.

Photos: ©2010 John Bulmer Photography
Paintings/Stencil Images: ©2010 Joe Iurato

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